Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bo in Top 10 Freeware Puzzle Games 2010 and also reviewed by GameSpot

IndieGames selected Bo as one of Top 10 Freeware Puzzle Games 2010 :

also Bo is reviewed by GameSpot :

Nega Kon!

i made a 3d game after making many 2d games with XNA. i used Unity this time. i can not explain the idea behind the Nega Kon! , so i paste the description from
IndieGames :

"Nega Kon is an Experimental Gameplay Project submission with a rather clever idea - somewhere in each level is an object that you need to fix, so that you can collect a star before proceeding to the next stage. This object appears flat at first, but pressing the X key while viewing it from a specific angle will turn the object into a solid shape. Players can then utilize this new entity to grab the prize and finish the currect level.

There are also only a handful of levels to play through, so most of us would make short work of it in just a couple of minutes. The download links for Nega Kon are available here. (Windows, 6.10MB)"

Download Nega Kon! from here here.
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