Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Incomplete Pattern

It's been more than one year since my last blog update and it's a bit disappointing that I haven't released anything in 2013, but I'm working hard on a project called Engare. I hope I can finish it before the summer.
Engare in Persian means an incomplete pattern. I will write more about the details of the project by the end of January.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


This is the first time I’m writing in this blog outside of Iran. Finally I got my student visa to study a 4 year program here at NHTV University in the Netherlands. To be honest before coming here I was nervous about going to another country with a completely different culture. but now I'm happy of my decision to come here. however I miss my family and I'm not sure when I can meet them again but with the help of Skype that's ok at least for a while.
Here at NHTV we do lot's of team works which really help me to improve my communication skills. also we need to do so many presentations here. these are exactly what I need.
When I was in Iran few months ago I had a big problem which I was not able to solve it myself. The problem was that I was not able to pay money for the school. I don't know if I have the permission to tell who helped me. anybody involved with videogames know him. What he did for me is unbelievable.
these days iran's economy is facing big troubles. our currency, Rial is under half  its value a year ago. that's because of what U.S is doing with us. I mean they are making big troubles for Iranian people not government. U.S sanctions make troubles only for people, for students, for families but not government.
this blog is about games and I don't know why I am writing about politics in it! actually I wanted to write about my new game called Farsh which means Carpet in persian. It's a puzzle game wehre you solve puzzles using rolling and unrolling the Carpet. I made it in my free time during last two weeks.
I'd like to give special thanks to Moslem Rasuli who made the great music for the game. He is one of the most talented persons I have ever met.


You can download Farsh for Win or Mac.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Varje Voorje!

Few months ago I made a game for Experimental Gameplay Project competition. the competition theme was 5button games. they selected 13 games to be played in a gallery in Berlin. there were 5 big buttons on the ground which players could press them by standing on them instead of pressing the buttons on the keyboard by finger. my game name was Varje Voorje! it means "Moving and Jumping". In the gallery 5 person played my game at te same time however my game was supposed to be played by 2 person. maybe it's a good excuse for not being the winner of the competition.