Friday, March 26, 2010


Bo is my new game , i made it in 3 days.
it's not a simple platformer game . it's an experimental gameplay.
you can download it from here :

Update 1 ( Full Version ) :

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bejeh !

i made an one Button game for Gamma IV ( ).
you can download it from here :
or here :

you need XNA Redist 3.1 to play this game.

Everything Can Draw!

i worked on a experimental gameplay a few month ago. it was called Everything Can Draw!
you can donwload it from here : PersianGig or 2shared
you need XNA redist 3.1 ( you can download it from here ).

i submit this game in , and they like the game . but unforunatly the competition was canseled this year .

Bezan !

my next Game is BeZan! i made it for Xbox360 using Avatars . the game is based on Ragdolls.
you can download it from here ( 4 mb , it's in .ccgame format and you need XNA 3.1 installed on your PC to deploy it on Xbox360) :

KooChooLoo ! was Complete

I wanted to submit this one in Dream Build Play 2008. KooChooLoo! was made for Xbox360 . but I was not able to submit my game because of this racism rule by Microsoft:
"Residents of the following countries are ineligible to participate: Cuba; Iran; North Korea; Sudan; and Syria. The Contest is void in these geographic locations and where prohibited or restricted by law."

After that I decided to put my game on Xbox Live Indie Games . but again rasicm rules??
you can read what MS said to my Cousin who was helping me to submit my game (he is living in Australia)

From: Stephanie Reimann []
Sent: Thursday, 9 July 2009 4:16 PM
To: Morteza Bahrami Lamjiri
Subject: RE: Query


Your current game titled KooChooLoo!!! was submitted previously as KooChooLoo! and was found to be an account from Iran. Even though it is currently being submitted from a Australian account the U.S. maintains a trade embargo on Iran, Microsoft may not sell or support, directly or indirectly, products or services to Iran. Microsoft cannot partner with a third party if we know or have reason to know that they might be sending our products to Iran. Current international discussions of increasing sanctions on Iran will have little impact to the existing comprehensive controls on Microsoft products to Iran. Therefore this account will remained banned and this game will not be approved.


here is a video from my game :

KooChooLoo Planet !

my next game was KooChooLoo Planet ! i made it using Jellyphysics .

in this version there is no music (2 mg) :

my first Game using XNA : Persian Tetris

my first game using XNA was Persian Tetris.
you can download the game and source project :
Edited: please forget this one play my recent games.

Sponge Bob

i made Sponge Bob about 3 years ago with 3 of my friends. ( Mohammad Yazdani : Musics , Sahar Razavi : Art , Saeed reza'ee : SpongeBob modeler )
it's made by 3D Game Studio.

my first Complete Game : Table Soccer 2006

i made this game about 4 years ago using 3DGS.
you can Download it from here :