Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bo in Top 10 Freeware Puzzle Games 2010 and also reviewed by GameSpot

IndieGames selected Bo as one of Top 10 Freeware Puzzle Games 2010 :

also Bo is reviewed by GameSpot :

Nega Kon!

i made a 3d game after making many 2d games with XNA. i used Unity this time. i can not explain the idea behind the Nega Kon! , so i paste the description from
IndieGames :

"Nega Kon is an Experimental Gameplay Project submission with a rather clever idea - somewhere in each level is an object that you need to fix, so that you can collect a star before proceeding to the next stage. This object appears flat at first, but pressing the X key while viewing it from a specific angle will turn the object into a solid shape. Players can then utilize this new entity to grab the prize and finish the currect level.

There are also only a handful of levels to play through, so most of us would make short work of it in just a couple of minutes. The download links for Nega Kon are available here. (Windows, 6.10MB)"

Download Nega Kon! from here here.
Nega Kon! is reviewed in many gaming websites ( and in many Languages ) :
Game-Damashi ( Japanese )
oujevipo (French)
indievault (Italian )
games.blog.nl (Dutch):
doupe.zive.cz ( Czech)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bo in IGF ... not as a Finalist but as an Honourable Mention

first post in 2011 is a good news, My game Bo has been selected as Honourable Mention for the IGF Excellence in Design category. i'm proud of it.


"Excellence in Design award, a category which seeks to highlight the innovation and quality of the underlying blueprint of each entered game -- component parts like its mechanic design, level design, and difficulty balancing.
Prior finalists and winners of the IGF Excellence in Design Award have included 2D Boy's cartoon construction puzzler World of Goo, KranX's music construction puzzler Musaic Box, and Pocketwatch Games' abstracted multiplayer heist game Monaco."

this year's Main Competition took in almost 400 games entries.